Shakti Traders

Tamping Rammer

Tamping Rammer is a small and light weight machine that is used for trench work, repairing work and backfill. Our Tamping Rammer is easy-to-start and known for its attributes like low maintenance, low noise operation, reduce fuel consumption, etc. Tamping Rammer that we offer also absorbs the vibration shocks while lending a smooth operation to the user.


Model HCR80
Enging Model  168F
Impacting Frequency(Times/Min)  600
Jumping Height(Mm)  60
Plate Size(M*M)  0.087
Travelling Speed(M/Min)  15
Noise Db (A)  60
Clutching Running Speed(Rpm)  2600
Running Speed(Rpm)  4000
Fuel Tank Capacity(L)  2.2
Impacting System Lubrication  40 ENGLINE OIL
N.W(Kg)  78
Packing Size(Cm)  72*52*103